Karen Battersby: Legal Practitioner


Karen Battersby is Director of Knowledge Management at national law firm Freeths where she is responsible for the legal training and development of firm-wide personnel, a role that involves ensuring everyone has the knowledge and skills that they need to fulfil the requirements of their job. In previous roles, her remit includes implementing the changes in professional development regulations that replaced the previous continuing professional development regime with continuing competence. She previously taught the theory of reflective practice and reflective documentation using diaries with university assessment criteria on a Master's degree in Business Administration (MBA) in legal practice. Her teaching experience indicated that people need time to absorb, apply and think about the different ways that their reflections could be incorporated into their practice as a continuous process rather than a piecemeal response to the last transaction or case completed.

Her interview reveals her insights into the SRA regime for professional appraisal through reflection on practice and gives an indication of the potential impacts the changes may have had on legal practitioners.


The interview (pdf file)