Ollie Bown: Creative Technologist


Ollie Bown is a music maker and creative technologist with a grounding in several disciplines. He is also a researcher who is interested in how artists, designers and musicians can use digital technologies to produce their creative work. Ollie is the sound artist for Squidsoup and works closely with Anthony Rowe and other members of the group in creating powerful immersive interactive installations. Writing software for the sound elements of interactive art installations as well as for music performances is a significant aspect of his creative practice. He sees programming as essentially a conscious thinking activity but one where the intensity of absorption can be so profound that it feels 'effortless' and his awareness of time itself disappears.

Ollie Bown: http://www.olliebown.com

In his interview, Ollie talks about his collaborations with different people and groups in remote and co-located activities.


The interview (pdf file)