Julie Freeman: Artist Computer Scientist


Julie Freeman is an artist and computer scientist whose work explores the relationship between science, nature and how humans interact with it. She is deeply curious about the natural world and at the same time fascinated by the interactive possibilities of digital technology. Her artistic focus is on how to deploy that technology to 'translate nature'. Combining art and technology and research is central to Julie's creative reflective practice. For her, the role of digital forms and methods for construction through coding is a pivotal underpinning to the character of her art, which involves the transformation of large complex data sets into objects and animations. Observation of and communication with audiences has been an important aspect of the reflective practice that raises questions about the impact on artistic intentions. Julie aims to create experiences that prompt people to different states of contemplation, a form of reflection-at-a- distance that brings greater understanding of her work.

Julie Freeman: Translating nature: http://www.translatingnature.org/about/

In her interview with Julie describes the various ways in which she engages audiences and at the same time retains control of her artistic vision.


The interview (pdf file)