Andrew Johnston: Interaction Designer and Performer


I suspect that everyone engages in reflection-in and reflection-on practice continually in all aspects of life. In the work I do there is continual movement between reflecting on the immediate situation - engaging in the 'reflective conversation' with materials and situations and placing what we are doing in a larger context 'reflecting-on-action'.

Andrew Johnston is an interaction designer, musical performer and researcher. His creative focus is on designing systems for exploratory approaches to interaction, and the experiences and practices of the people who use them. He works with artists, theatre professionals and technologists to create public performances in parallel with developing innovative interactive systems for dramatic experiences. The process of creating these works involves exploring the interactive possibilities between live performer and digital technologies. He has worked with colleague Andrew Bluff on Stalker Theatre performances: Encoded, and Creature: Dot and the Kangaroo, directed by David Clarkson as described further in Part 4 ahead. The collaborative team work required for public performances with radically new forms of technology presents challenges to individual creative practice. His observations indicate how for him, the variants of reflection in and on practice are fundamental to the many dimensions of creative reflective practice. These variants happen throughout the creative process as reflection in the making moment, reflection at a distance and reflection on surprise. His reflective practice is informed throughout by extensive research.

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In his interview, Andrew talks about his reflective creative practice and collaborative work with Stalker Theatre Company.


The interview (pdf file)