Roger Kneebone: Explorer of Ideas


Roger Kneebone knew he wanted to be a surgeon from the outset of his medical training and career. Over the years, he has worked on many innovative projects with the Science Museum, Victoria & Albert Museum, Wellcome Trust as well as major science festivals. Amongst his distinguished awards, he became a Wellcome Trust Engagement Fellow in 2012 during which he explored ways of enabling scientists and the public to share ideas and different world views. In January 2019, he was elected Professor of Anatomy at the Royal Academy of Arts, the fourteenth to hold this post since William Hunter in 1768. A key aspect of his creative reflective practice is making visible the hidden dimensions of cross disciplinary knowledge by engaging in public disclosures and performances. Roger explores these kinds of complex scenarios of making and thinking creatively in the Countercurrent conversations:

Roger Kneebone:

In his interview, Roger gives an account of his role as a prime mover of unusual and illuminating intersections between unlikely areas of practice.


The interview (pdf file)