Esther Rolinson: Artist


Esther Rolinson makes remarkable light installations which have been shown national and internationally. In 2016, she won the Lumen Prize Sculpture & 3D Award and 1st prize at Art CHI Exhibition for 'Flown'. Esther's drawings and sculptural installations are systems of forms and movements that employ digital technology to realise her vision for the final works. As an artist seeking new challenges, her ideas and outcomes feel ever fresh. What stands out is the consistency of her practice and the total coherence of the artworks that emerge. That process is open and exploratory, a continual search for the exact structure and materials to make extraordinarily evocative sculptural forms combining movement with light. Her drawing in particular involves a high degree of preparatory reflection-for action structured approaches that enable her to follow through in a fluid manner during the execution itself.

In her interview, Esther touches on these and other aspects of her reflective practice and the role of collaboration.

Esther Rolinson:


The interview (pdf file)