My Latest Book: The Creative Reflective Practitioner
Research Through Making and Practice, 1st Edition

The book explores what it means to be a creative reflective practitioner, whether working alone, in collaboration with others, with digital technology or doing research. Variations of reflective practice that extend the original concepts proposed by Donald Schön are  described. The book is relevant to anyone who wishes to understand creativity and reflection in practice and how to learn from the creative practitioners themselves.

Inspection copies are available for review.

The complete set of practitioner interviews is available here.

Creating with the Digital: Tool, Medium, Mediator, Partner

My keynote talk at ArtsIT 2019 focused on four kinds of creative amplification  with digital technology illustrated by the  works of creative practitioners. The ideas are based on chapter 5 of my book.

About Me

   I am a writer and researcher with a passion for interdisciplinary creative practice in art, technology and science. After working in academic research for many years, I now work freelance and am co-director of ArtworksrActive (ArA) an independent consultancy in art and technology. I have written over 100 articles and edited several books about the creative process and the role of digital technology in interdisciplinary creative practice.

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