About me

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA    I am a writer and researcher who lives and works in Australia and England. My subject is creativity in art and science with a particular focus on practice based research and methodologies for evaluating interactive digital systems. I completed my first degree, a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Adelaide and after a career change, a Masters by research at what was then Leicester Polytechnic. Later, whilst working as a researcher in HCI at Loughborough University, I completed a doctorate in Computer Science. I am a co-founder of the ACM SIGCHI Creativity and Cognition conference series and an editorial board member of the Journal of Art, Design and Communication in Higher Education and the International Journal of Design Creativity and Innovation.  As guest editor of special issues for Leonardo, Design Studies and the International Journal of Human Computer Interaction, I have been active in promoting awareness about creativity support environments in the arts, computing and design communities.

I was previously an Adjunct Professor in the Creativity and Cognition Research Studios at the University of Technology, Sydney where I supervised practice-based research and advised on the evaluation of interactive art installations. Prior to this, I was a senior research fellow in the Key Centre of Design Computing and Cognition at the University of Sydney where I was project manager of the CRC Construction Innovation project, ‘Team Collaboration in High Bandwidth Virtual Environments’.