In 2013 my next presentations are:

ISEA 2013  Sydney Australia: paper to be presented: The Role of Evaluation in Public Art: The Light Logic Exhibition. Authors: Linda Candy, Ernest Edmonds, Sophy Smith

Creativity and Cognition 2013 Sydney

July 30th 2013  EVA 2013 London Keynote: Creativity and Evaluation: Supporting Practice and Research in the Interactive Arts

The talk will explore ideas about how evaluation contributes to creativity in the context of interactive arts practice and research.  Evaluation is a key activity in creativity that involves exercising judgments based on criteria that are established prior to or during the actual designing and making process. In the creation of an interactive art system, the artist is a creative designer making a creativity system for creative engagement. A member of an audience is a creative participant whose interaction influences the creativity environment and who, in turn, is being affected by what is changed in the art system by that interaction. Practitioner researchers are developing methods for exploring the implications of their works for creative engagement using documented reflective practice in combination with studies of audience engagement. The particular focus is on evaluation within those areas of creative practice where the interaction between human beings and digital systems is a central goal and has given rise to questions as to how we should consider the nature of creativity in this context.

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