Past Events

April 23rd Wellcome Trust: Topic: Creative collaboration and evaluating the process. What does it mean to work in a creative collaboration and how should we go about evaluating the process? The talk will explore ideas about how evaluation contributes to creativity in the context of interdisciplinary collaboration. Advice will be given about establishing mutually beneficial objectives and methods for evaluation based on current practitioner research.

CHI2013 Panel member “DigitalArts: Did You Feel That?” on Creative Collaboration.

Workshop organiser at CHI 2013 Paris April 27-May 2, 2013. 28th April: Evaluation Methods for Creativity Support Environments: the programme can found here

CHI 2013 Paris  Digital Arts: Featured Community 30th April:  Special Interest Group: Digital Art: Challenging PerspectivesD. England, J. Fantauzzacoffin, T. Schiphorst, C. Latulipe, L. Candy

Keynote Talk:  DESIRE’11 October 19-21, Eindhoven, NL.

What is Theory in Practice?

A book chapter entitled ‘Creativity, Theory and Practitioner Research will be published from this keynote: book title “Creativity in Design” DESIRE network. General editor L. Ball co-editors A. Dix and C. Sas.