Interdisciplinary Collaboration

I have always taken an inter-disciplinary perspective, moving from the Arts to Computer Science and Human Computer Interaction via Historiography and Action Research. For innovation and creativity to flourish, strategies are needed if cross fertilization of ideas is to happen. Research in creative practice shows that people who were successful also collaborated with others from different backgrounds.

In  COSTART  we studied artists and technologists working together on creative projects. The results showed that successful collaboration can be enabled by putting in place the right conditions and the right combinations of skills and attitudes. Collaborating creatively is not easy or ‘natural’ to everyone and being good at it has to be learned. Being focused on one’s own vision and at the same time open to ideas from a collaborator is a hard balance to strike.

Collaboration & Evaluation for Interdisciplinary Creativity – In a short video I summarise some of my ideas about collaboration and evaluation that I hope will contribute to a further exploration of the subject of interdisciplinary collaboration in art.