The Creative Reflective Practitioner

The book 'The Creative Reflective Practitioner' explores reflective research and practice through the eyes of creative people whose ideas and works have informed the writing at every level. The practitioner interviews featured give a direct sense of what it means to be a creative reflective practitioner, whether working alone, in collaboration with others, with digital technology or doing research.

This website gives access to all the interviews with practitioners that informed the ideas discussed at length in the book. Owing to space limitations, I have included only a selection of abbreviated interviews in the print book. However, the complete set of interviews is available here with introductions to each practitioner.

Professional Practice

Karen Battersby -- Gregory Shannon

Creative Practice

Brigid Costello -- Ernest Edmonds -- Julie Freeman -- Andrew Johnston

Roger Mills -- Esther Rolinson -- Stephen Scrivener

Collaborative Practice

Ken Arnold -- Oliver Bown -- David Clarkson -- Matthew Connell -- Vince Frost -- Shona Illingworth

Roger Kneebone -- Anna Ledgard -- Sue Crellin-McCarthy & Tom McCarthy -- Anthony Rowe

Digital Practice

Sarah Fdili Alaoui -- Andrew Bluff -- Ben Carey -- Sue Hawksley

George Poonkhin Khut -- Anthony Marshall

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